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Guest mix in Repose Podcast

Now Live on Air a 60 minutes guest mix we did for Repose Podcast, a fine podcast for background music with chill, psybient, ambient and nearby genres.

Hope to enjoy and welcome to leave your feedback!



Repose Podcast – Chilling Decision

Repose’s fresh Podcast ‘Chilling Decision’ now on air.
Fine compiled chill, psybient & nearby tunes episode ready to travel you! Honored to be part of this mix with ‘The Greatest Story ever told‘, a track from our latest release ‘Nocturnal’.

Repose Podcast – Chilling Decision


Psychedelic music to warp your space-time continuum

Psychedelic music to warp your space-time continuum!Evening Dresses online

Pazuzus Petals, an independed youtube channel, featuring gems of goa trance, psybient, psytrance, progressive trance, zenonesque, psydub, downtempo, ambient, psychedelic rock, darkpsy, and forest trance.
Recently housed in the channel stream Red Evening Dressestracks from our albums ‘Extrospection‘, ‘Terrestrial Intelligence‘  and ‘Nocturnal‘.

Check Pazuzus Petals here:

Gloabadelic – 19 Shades of Polychrome (mix)

If you are in a mood for some psycedelic chillout tunes check this compilation!



Globadelic made a two-hour mix of his best psychedelic chillout tracks including one of ours:

We thank him a lot!


C.F opening Alio Die @ TRIESPERON festival










‘Consciousness Federation’ opening Alio Die in 22nd of December @ F.E.X (HOUSE OF CULTURE, Xanthi, Greece).

C.F will perform a mini live set including their most(!) downtempo space tunes @ TRIESPERON event oraganized by Chrysallida.

Apart from the music section of the fest, there will be astronomy lectures by the professor Statos Theodosiou, observation with telescopes by the Astronomy Club of East Macedonia and a special night ride by the Mountaineering Club of Xanthi in Kalamou Hill. 

For more details follow the link of Chrysalidia [ http://chrysalida.gr ]

Hope to see you there!

Nocturnal – Ep review from OEM Radio

OEM Radio posted a review about our latest EP: Nocturnal.





You can read about here:


C.F on the ambient stream of psychedelik.com

We salute psychedelik radio station!


Tarekith – ambient combilation

Tarekith, a composer, producer, dj and much more(!) released a compilation(named “blue dream”), including 2 tracks of ours, “YOU’RE NOT YOUR MEMORY” & “CAUSES AND EFFECTS“. The tracks are from the EP: EXTROSPECTION.

Enjoy it!







Plusquam-Compilation Release: Space Lounge





Plusquam released an ambient/lounge compilation under the name:Space Lounge.

We’re particiapting with the track COSMOS.



Enjoy it!

Consciousness Federation-The flow

Ramin Mikaily’s point of view of our track: “The Flow”.

We thank him a lot!





We proudly present the release of a two track ep [NOCTURNAL] from the Mexican-based UXMAL RECORDS. Nocturnal depicts a cinematic ambient sound with progressive sequences and electronic manipulations.

Nocturnal ep composed, arranged and produced by Consciousness Federation at Room 99 sound lab between June and august 2011.



Acoustic and electric guitars : Vangelis Kyratzogloy

ArtWork : Kostas Akparidis | Christine Guzeli

Mastering: Kosmas Epsilon at Epsilon Labs (http://elamastering.webs.com/)








Respectful Electronic Music at OEM Radio

OEM Radio








Our gratitude to OEM RADIO for the warm welcome and support to our music.

Recently, OEM Radio posted two articles, one for Consciousness Federation project and the other for Mahindra Waves project (a side project of Kostas Loukovikas) and gave a substantial synopsis of the music we’ve finished a few months ago. A true by heart writing that goes deep in the essence of our music !

Thanks Maer!

Here you can read the posts of:


Mahindra Waves – Morphogenesis

mahindra waves - morphogenesis

Mahindra Waves is the side project of Kostas Loukovikas, members of Consciousness  Federation. This project depicts an experimental-cinematic sound with lo-fi “seismic” textures, abstract lines and ambient landscapes! In the mastering prosess signs: Kosmas Epsilon

Ep release | Date: 3/4/12








Consciousness federation releases the Ep Nocturnal by the Mexican record label : UXMAL RECORDS. The Ep will contain 2  downbeat atmosphairic tracks called  ”NOCTURNAL”  & “THE GEATEST STORY EVER TOLD”.




Stay tuned for further notifications!

Extrospection EP OUT NOW








Consciousness federation proudly presents : EXTROSPECTION (Ep).

Released on 6/12/2011 from Uxmal Records .

Participations: Lina Vlahou on “Flow” track and kosmas Epsilon in the creative mastering !

Enjoy it !

dj shadow-scale it back (remix)

Consciousness federation finished the remix on “scale it back”, a Dj shadow track featuring featuring Little Dragon.


Hope to enjoy it !

Ep release | Date: 6/12/11

Uxmal records release a  4 track ep called “extrospection”  on 6/12/11.

more info and pre listening : http://uxmalrecords.com/disco_57/disco_57.html

End of mastering sessions

End of the mastering session of the Ep’s : Extrospection & Nocturnal

Mastered by Kosmas Epsilon at Epslon Labs



mastering sessions

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